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LPZ Breakers is a Specialty Buyer located in the heart of Texas.  We salvage electrical equipment from a variety of locations - demolition jobs, inventory liquidations, bankruptcies, and many more.  The equipment is then matched up with re-manufacturing facilities that can recondition, retrofit, clean and resell these goods back into the market.

Selling your surplus electrical equipment to LPZ Breaker  is a process you will feel good about - not only are you getting paid, you are also helping to save the environment.

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We do your job easier, all you have to do is send us a information list about your breakers items.  Once you accept our offer, we'll send you packing instructions and details on where to send your items.

Our expertise, professionalism and extensive knowledge in the field is what sets us apart from the competition.
We offer excellent customer service hassle free to you!

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